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We value our partners and truly believe that they are major contributors towards our company's growth. We provide our Affiliates with their dedicated account manager, who will set up all your required marketing tools for your website and campaigns.


Successful online campaigns are a result of various factors, such as impressive graphic designs, catchy content and other ingredients that shape your campaign and make it an unforgettable one for your audience. At SmartTool Trading, we can provide you with various tools depending on your chosen types of campaigns:



Our team will create attractive banners for the most important industry-related topics, in any shape, size or format you require. 



Include an e-book to your site and provide your users with tips, ideas and strategies for successful trading, adding value to your offering.



Send newsletters to your visitors to increase traffic to the platforms and maximise your potential earnings. Leave the content and design to us. 



Through bespoke educational videos, you can provide your users with added value and a wealth of knowledge for the online trading industry. 


Landing Pages

Benefit from your knowledge and provide your audience with some of the most attractive and highly-converting landing pages across the market.

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